Route Planning

South Downs Way

The South Downs Way runs from Winchester eastwards to Eastbourne and is a beautiful unspoilt route at the centre of the newly formed South Downs National Park. It has ascents of approx 4200m, whichever direction you go, and is between 100 and 106 miles, depending on whether you walk or cycle. There is a range of scenery and terrain, from open and windswept moorland to lush forests. The further east you are, the more open the route is and the better the views. The more west you head, the more the trees encompass you and the more rarely you have a vista, but when you do it is quite spectacular. Have a look at our youTube video of the whole South Downs Way from the air by clicking here.

From much of the route you are able to see the sea to your South and can often catch glimpses of the North Downs to your north. There are also numerous villages and country houses to see and some historic sites and places of interest en route.

Planning your route is essential – making sure you know where you are going, how much time it will take you to get there and what your options are if you get lost or run out of time. South Downs Way Tours can help you with all of this. It is important at the end of a day of walking or cycling to have somewhere warm and comfortable to shower, change, eat and sleep. We will ensure that this element is fully taken care of and all you have to worry about is making the effort to put one foot in front of the other or keep turning those pedals!

What do you get when booking with South Downs Way Tours?

• expert advice on every element of your experience from people who have “done it” themselves
• complimentary copy of “Harveys South Downs Way” whole route in one map
• secure booking with your money placed in a dedicated account
• excellent accommodation which we have visited
• travel professionals arranging your whole experience
• discount/added value vouchers for places along the way
• people who love and regularly use the South Downs Way running the company
• transport if your accommodation is “off the trail” and you are walking
• one of our team will meet you along the way, for a drink, for a walk or cycle or just to say hi
• luggage labels for you to print off for your bags to be moved
• daily baggage transfers by reliable contractors
• brief route notes for whichever sections you are completing