What’s the best map for the South Downs Way?

You may be wondering what’s the best map of the South Downs Way? As with most things, it depends! If you just want to do the South Downs Way trail with the minimum of weight and everything in one place, we recommend the Harvey’s Maps South Downs Way waterproof map http://www.harveymaps.co.uk/acatalog/South-Downs-Way-YHWRSD.html or link through to our online version here

When you book your experience with South Downs Way Tours (minimum one night accommodation and one baggage transfer) we will send you a copy of the Harvey Maps waterproof map with our compliments as we believe it is essential for your enjoyment.

We have used this for both walking and cycling and it is perfect. Where it does fall down is if you want to stray any distance off the South Downs Way or if you want to know what various sights are that you see along the way.

If you’re doing the South Downs Way in more than a day or two, whether walking or cycling, it is well worth getting the full range of OS maps, which you can put in your luggage and take the relevant map(s) with you each day.

We would recommend either the Ordnance Survey OS Explorer Maps or the OS Landranger Maps. Probably the Explorer Map series edges it, as  it is more detailed, which is especially helpful for walkers and if there are any twists and turns and you miss your markers en route. You will need map numbers: 132, 120, 121, 122, & 123 on 1:25 000 scale. Accompanied by the Harvey Maps “all in one” map, this will get you from one end to the other safely and in full knowledge of where you are!