South Downs Way Map

South Downs Way Tours Map

These maps show the whole route of the South Downs Way in sections. You will receive your personal copy of one of these maps when you book with South Downs Way Tours. They are waterproof and hard wearing. Click on the map to get greater detail and use your back browser button to return to this page.  This section of the Eastern end of the trail has two routes; the coastal one for walkers and the inland one for cyclists.

Alfriston to Southease section. You can top up with water at Ilford Farm just by the level crossing

Rodmell to Devil’s Dyke section. Some beautiful views along this section, including Jugg’s Road, Clayton Windmills and from Devil’s Dyke itself. There is a water point Just by the A27 crossing at Housedown Farm (not marked on map)

Devil’s Dyke to Amberley section. A few busy road crossings along this section and two taps along this part, one at the crossing over the A283 and one at the crossing of the A24. Both these roads can be very busy so please take care.

From Amberley to Cocking – the terrain transitions in this section, with more wooded tracks to the West and more open tracks to the East. The crossing over the A29 must be done carefully, as must the crossing over the B2139. the climb from the A285 crossing up to Sutton Down to the East can be extremely muddy! There is a tap by Hill Barn near Cocking.

Cocking to QE Country Park section – watch out for the double road crossing just to the west of Harting Down and keep an eye on the map and the signposts from Devil’s Jump through to Harting Down as there are a few twists and turns of the trail here! There is a tap round the back of the cafe/building area in QE Country Park (on the car park side)


QE Country Park to Winchester. Butser Hill is the highest point of the South Downs Way and there are stunning views South towards Portsmouth, the Solent and the Isle of Wight. There are different routes around Old Winchester Hill for walkers and cyclists, and again from Exton to the top of Beacon Hill, so follow the signs and use your map here if at all confused. Crossing the A32 by Exton should be done with care. Cheesefoot Head near Winchester is also a recognised scenic viewpoint, but be careful crossing the main road here. These maps are produced by Harvey Maps and reproduced here by kind permission. Harvey Maps produce maps for most UK long distance walks. Visit their website at